Friday, November 30, 2007

Great Weather

And by "great weather", I mean weather that is dynamic, changes almost daily, and isn't an endless inversion fog pattern.

An inch of snow on the deck currently. More snow moves in later tomorrow, perhaps as much as 6 to 12 inches. Follow that up with warming west winds and heavy rain on Sunday and Monday. This is good stuff, except for the distinct possibility of major flooding...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snow. Just Snow.

It's snowing lightly here in west Hood River. 34 degrees at 7:15 pm. Looking at the weather satellites, there's not a whole lot of precipitation moving in tonight. And it's definitely just snow, not ice.

Feel free to post your snow amounts here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Snow? Freezing Rain? Sleet?

In any event, Something Very Slippery is most likely moving through the area tonight. With temperatures around 32 degrees in Hood River, the precipitation could fall as snow, or it could be rain that freezes into ice pellets before it hits the ground (sleet), or it could be rain that freezes onto the surfaces it falls upon (freezing rain).

Forecasts are for the precipitation to turn to rain by morning, but wintery conditions in Hood River are often underestimated in intensity and duration by forecast models.

Feel free to post your local observations here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank Full

Thanksgiving Eve, and all is well. There are just so many darn things to be thankful for. For example, the miracle of simply being alive. And not just being alive, but living in a relatively free country and with lifestyles and technologies that we mostly take for granted. Things that past kings and the richest folks did not have and could hardly have imagined. Not to mention our ability to instantly talk to far away friends and family (and maybe even see them live with webcams) when we can't be there in person. Truly amazing times that we live in.

So much for the "Thank" part. Now, on to the "Full"... more stuffing and gravy please...zzzzzzzzz

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well now, this is rather unexpected. Sunday afternoon, 4 pm, 34 degrees, and it's snowing in Hood River. Not sticking currently at this elevation, but it's certainly accumulating higher up. How cool is this?! We haven't had a snowfall this early in a long time. It used to be we could count on a little snow by Thanksgiving, and here it is!

The forecast is for more precipitation through Monday, and then a drying trend through Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully sunny, but I wouldn't bet against a fog inversion...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Top Banner Question

Wow, 2 weeks since I last posted here. Time flies. I will try to post more often, if for no other reason than to exercise my writing muscles.

Typical Fall weather continues (whether I post about it or not). The autumn colors along I84 (my daily commute to The Dalles) are still spectacular but will pretty much be gone by Thanksgiving. The seasons move forward, and it's all good...

Speaking of Fall colors, the
Hood River Weather site top banner currently has a "Colorful Leaf" motif. It's fairly easy to change the Flash banner graphics, and I'm wondering if site visitors prefer a top banner that changes occasionally, or one that always stays the same. I will probably continue to change it every now and again, but I am interested in your opinions.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Revisited

This year, October was distinguished by cooler nights, comfortable sunny days, and calmer winds. Overall, a very pleasant month. The average temperature was 0.9 degrees cooler than long term averages, and 2.4 degrees below 2000-2006 averages. Global warming apparently took a break here in October. Rainfall was above average, due to heavy rain around Oct 3 and Oct 18. Wind speeds were considerably lower than average, with SW winds predominate. Cooler easterlies made an occasional appearance, and there were hardly any cloudy inversion events.

There were 2 records set during October, the daily rain total of 1.17 inches on Oct 18, and the high temperature of 77 on Oct 23.

High Low Average Historical Average Variance
Temperature (F) 77.2
Wind (mph) 27

Rainfall (in) 1.17

Barometric (in Hg) 30.52 29.49