Friday, July 18, 2014

May 2014 Revisited

May 2014 was:  

Above average in: Temperature, rainfall, wind, solar radiation
Average or near in: Nothing
Below Average in:  Nothing

May 2014 was above average, in so many ways.   In fact, let me count the ways (there's 4, see above)...

My station's average temperature of 60.4° was way warmer than the long term May average of 56.1°, and way warmer than the more recent (2001-2013) average of 57.2°. The official average temperature in Hood River, recorded at HOXO, was 59.4°.  This was the warmest May since 1997.

The maximum temperature (at my station) was 88°, and the low temp was 41°.
Official Hood River highs and lows (at HOXO) were 86° and 40°.

Solar radiation averaged 583 Ly/day, compared to an average May of 542 Ly/day. This was the sunniest May since 2007.

The 24 hour average wind speed (for the month) at my weather station was 4.1 mph, compared to an average May wind speed of 3.6 mph.  The peak wind gust was 32 mph on the 21st.  Wind speeds at other less sheltered locations (like the Waterfront) were, of course, higher. 

Barometric pressure peaked at 30.39", and the low barometric was 29.68".

Regarding rainfall, my station received 2.18", while HOXO recorded 1.77".  An average May receives 1.07".   Oddly enough, the rain stopped entirely on May 11th, and the subsequent dry spell (consecutive days without any officially measurable rainfall) lasted 32 days; ending on June 12th.   Very unusual to have that long of a dry spell at this time of the year. 
There was one local weather record set in May. On the 8th, HOXO received 0.65" of rain, topping the previous May 8th record of 0.40", back in 1962.

These monthly summaries use data from my weather station located near May and Rand Streets in Hood River. To view my weather station's data for May 2014, click here.

For official Hood River data, and historical averages/records, the data comes from both the manually read NOAA station at MCAREC, and HOXO, the automated station located right next to MCAREC.

May is sort of a teaser month, weather-wise.   Temperatures start feeling like maybe there's hope for Summer; but we still have to wait.... just a little while longer...

And speaking of waiting, this "I Will Wait" rendition from 2CELLOS is yet another one of their aurally and visually awesome productions.   Hey, it's not just women who are swooning over these 2 extremely hot guys and their music; I'm mesmerized also (by the music.....just the music...).   Amazing that they can make just 2 cellos do all that!

For more of their talented musical creations, check out their YouTube channel.

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