Saturday, July 19, 2014

June 2014 Revisited

June 2014 was:  

Above average in: Temperature, wind
Average or near in: Rainfall, solar radiation
Below Average in:  Nothing

June 2014 was windy.  And not just windy, but consistently tremendously, stupendously windy.   In fact, it was the windiest June since I've been keeping track of wind speeds here at May and Rand, and that goes back to 2001.   And from what I've heard from seasoned wind sports folks, this could well have been the windiest June (and the best windsurfing) since 1990, give or take a few years.

My station's average temperature of 63.8° was warmer than the long term June average of 61.8°, and just a little bit warmer than the more recent (2001-2013) average of 63.0°. The official average temperature in Hood River, recorded at HOXO, was 63.0°.

The maximum temperature (at my station) was 87°, and the low temp was 48°.
Official Hood River highs and lows (at HOXO) were 87° and 44°.

Solar radiation averaged 620 Ly/day, compared to an average June of 611 Ly/day. 

The 24 hour average wind speed (for the month) at my weather station was 5.7 mph, compared to an average June wind speed of 4.1 mph.  The peak wind gust was 34 mph on the 18th.  Wind speeds at other less sheltered locations (like the Waterfront) were, of course, higher. 

Barometric pressure peaked at 30.20", and the low barometric was 29.74".

Regarding rainfall, my station received 1.13", while HOXO recorded 0.67".  An average June receives 0.77".   Since my station's amount was above average, and HOXO's was below average, I'm calling it.... average.   And as mentioned in the May Revisited post, there was no measurable rain from May 11th through June 11, making for a 32 day dry spell.   It remains to be seen if that will be the longest dry spell this summer... even though it wasn't technically in summer at all...
There were no local weather records set in June.

These monthly summaries use data from my weather station located near May and Rand Streets in Hood River. To view my weather station's data for June 2014, click here.

For official Hood River data, and historical averages/records, the data comes from both the manually read NOAA station at MCAREC, and HOXO, the automated station located right next to MCAREC.

June 2014 contained the only Friday the 13th of 2014.  Oddly enough (and this is scary), it fell on the 13th day of the month, which was.... a Friday...

Now, I'm not superstitious, but what are the odds of that??

Anyway, as Stevie Wonder reminds us, in a very musically enthusiastic and danceable manner:  "Superstition ain't the way..."

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